Saturday, September 30, 2006

Autumn Pictures

I didn't get any . I hope to get some Sunday. I found that Lois on the Web has some of our area. The link Upper Michigan and Beyond is on the left.

Friday, September 29, 2006


Last night I had a dream which I have no idea where it came from. My mother looking like she was in her ninties and I were packing to go on a hunting trip. We had rifles and were puting together our gear.[Neither one of us have ever hunted and there was no desire to do so]. Suddenly she was missing and I was sure she had gone on ahead of me. I looked out the window and there was a thin layer of ice on the sidewalk and I feared she would fall before she made it to where ever we were going. I was thinking my sister would be upset because I let her get hurt. Then I woke up.
My mother died a number of years ago. So I layed in bed trying figure out where this dream came from. Here is my best guess. The rifles came from the news that in Florida they were searching for a man on the run. The ice came from Gary's picture. What you ask, ice, he had a picture of water. True but when I looked at it I saw water that had turned to ice near a curb. I live in the Up and soon we will have snow and ice. I had a bad fall some years ago on just that kind of ice. I went to the post office and in front of the curb was some ice that I didn't see. I hurt my back. So maybe it was all those images. I don't know it was just so odd.

Today I got to paint the frame around one of the garage doors, took another load to the dump and went to the drug store in Iron River for meds. I had planned on taking my camera to Iron river to get some pictures of the color. But I couldn't find my wallet, which come to find out Dr John was sitting on. I had planned on going alone and had placed it on the seat, then I went in to tell him I was going and he decided to go and he got in the car not looking and was concerned to get the O2 going so he didn't notice. I went in to turn of TVs and lights etc. I forgot the camera and got all up tight about what happened to my purse. I looked all over the house, the garage, and even the car. I finally asked Dr John if he sat on it and sure enough he had. The trees are orange and yellow with a little red but they stand out against the green of the pine.

Thank you Chana and you know why. God bless you and your family and Joe.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

It's a Rainy Day

I can't believe it has been a week and I have not blogged. I have been working hard to get the windows out doors painted and when I come in I am just so tired.
I scraped the last window on the front of the house, and went in to get the paint and brushes and the phone rang and my oldest son said he was on the way up to our home. They stopped to look at a new dog so they would be here later, and they had lunch. I then started to make lunch for John and I, and the phone rang again. The leader of our TOPS group called to inform me that a member of our group was killed in a car accident yesterday. There was a picture of the accident in the paper but no names were given out but a friend also a member knew and called our leader. I just finished the phone call and the rains came. I thought this really fits the way I feel.

To brighten the day my son and his family arrived. They liked the dog but the dog chews toys and that may be a problem with Lori's eye sight. They are still thinking. My son carried out a bookcase to the garage to put the buildings from Pigeon Falls on for the winter. He helped me put the leg on the couch. We worked on putting the lights in on the floresent light fixture in the basement, My other son had taken down the old burnt out lights and I had bought new ones but I was just too short to but them in even standing on the ladder. We put the new lights in. They still did not light. Then one side lit It must be the fuses. Then came the question which fuse was working and which wasn't . We moved them around one light never lit but the other one lit up brightly. My son thinks that it would be better to buy a new light. We went out to eat and the food was good.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Lois's Apples

I have nothing to write about. I went to church is the morning and greeted. I felt good that there were only three people I didn't know. After dinner I fell asleep until three. Then I went and sprayed the clear protective coat over the board that is taking the place of the tunnel in Pigeon Falls. I did a bit of scrapping the door sills and garage door.
Lois on the Web link Upper Pennisula and Beyond has more pictures of Crystal Falls and things to do with apples. Some may not be able to comment.

Friday, September 15, 2006


The paint around my windows and doorframes is peeling. It has been bothering me. I have a brick house so that does not have to be painted although on a TV program for fixing houses they painted the brick. I bought glazing and took along a scraper and went at the job. I took a ladder from the garage. It has the problem that for me it is heavy and not easy to move but it has larger steps. What this is leading to is a conversation I heard as I was working, between two boys riding by on their bikes.

First boy "I love that house. That house is for sale. I want to buy that house. The train goes with the house you know"
Second boy "Maybe they will trade houses."

On selling the house. I did not know about buring Joseph until people commented . Friends at TOPS said that they did this. My daughter got advice on the internet on what you were to do and a prayer. We do not pray to saints but I have been praying to God all the time. Really the word is begging. Then I feel guilty because it is not like the people in Katrina where they don't have a home. I have a very nice home. The problem is not knowing what is going to happen. We have found a place it is near my children and grandchildren our contract expires on Oct 20. We must sell this house or my daughters before then or that house goes back on the market. My sons garage is full of boxes of our stuff. My garage and basement are full of boxes. My daughter doesn't have a basement and her stuff is boxed in her garage. I do know that a lot of the things that I would have put off are now being done around here, and that is a good thing. Things are not bad just unsettled.

I heard some news that the old hospital across the street from us is going to be turned into senior apartments. That is good news because it means that across us will not be a empty building which will fall into disrepair.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

St Joseph

Many advice to bury St Joseph upside down. We want to sell our home. My daughter wants to sell her house. I take my St Joseph figure and bury it in my front yard. There is of course a lot of ideas on where to bury him. I pick the front yard in an area already ready for planting flowers no trouble.

My daughter wanted to bury him before her open house and there wasn't any time so she found a hole and placed him upside down. No one made an offer. So fearing it was not done correctly she searched the internet. On Monday she was ready, she took her shovel and her pager[she was on call]and went to bury St Joseph correctly. It was raining but that did not stop her. The pager goes off she goes in calls the hospital they solved the problem without her. She goes back out and digs and buries him. His feet stick out. She digs again the shovel hits something solid. She tries and tries can't dig deeper. The pager goes off again. She buries him feet sticking out. This time she has to go to the hospital and doesn't come home until 2:00AM. She considers trying again. No ,she will leave him with his feet sticking out until it is a better hour and no rain. One of the things she finds out that she hadn't noticed was that St Joseph is holding baby Jesus. She adapted her prayer. So we are still waiting for the houses to sell.

Monday, September 11, 2006


I was getting ready to go over to the church for a planning meeting for the Board of Outreach the TV was on I saw the smoke heard the news. The first thought was they were interviewing some one about an up coming movie, then I saw the live on the screen and then the other plane hit. I was in shock. Then came the report on Washington.
I went over to the church and gave them the information. I told them what was happening in tears. There wasn't a TV so Pastor Tammy found a radio, and then we prayed.
From the time I began school I expected the Russians to bomb us. War planes from far away. No thought of someone using our own passenger planes. At the close of the day, we [a radio message told where and when] met in the church parking lot for community prayer.
Although I live many miles from the East Coast, TV brought me there and I saw the suffering. I saw the heros. There were also those who provided a place and food for the planes and passengers who had to land. For a brief time our country came together. 9/11 May we not forget those who died and their families. May we remember that we are one country and work for a safe and free life for all.

Friday, September 08, 2006

MzAries Tagged Me

I have been tagged for a word association.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Animals in Our Neck of the Woods

I have talked about the deer and the turkey in my yard. I also have rabbits.
Yesterday I picked up a news letter at the city hall.
There was an article about Smokey the Bear. Mr Smokevitch nick name Smokey found he had a bear in a tree behind his house. The DNR tranquilized the bear, they then moved the bear to a less populated area.
The trees have begun to turn to color. So fall is about to return. It is just beautiful here during fall. I will try to get some pictures.
Because I would like someone to buy my home I will again tell of the great location of the home in Crystal Falls. Two blocks from the main street called Superior where there is a furniture store , home decorating store, hair dresser, barber shop, variety story[Ben Franklin]Theatre[not movie] library,hardware store and more. There are Doctors and Dentists with in walking distance. The school is in walking distance. It is a short distance to snow mobile trail and parks. Crystal Falls is a nice place to live. There is a golf course.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

New TV Shows

I want something new for those of you on the marathon. Wecome!
I like Psych and Vanished.
I cam e by Vanished by accident and got drawn in. I was upset that it was a series. I could not wait for Monday. Monday came and Dr John called me in to watch. I sat down and I remembered none of the people. I thought I was really losing it. We were watching Prison Break. I was OK.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Diana Joy Tagged Me

1 Are you happy with your blog?
Dr John does mine and I am happy. Mine is plain and I have seen some very fancy ones.
2 Does your family know about your blog?
Yes. My son started us on blogging and the whole family blogs. Some more often than others.
3Do you feel embarrassed to let your friends know about your blog.
No I am not embarrassed.
4 Did blogs cause positive changes in your thoughts?
I enjoy blogging. I like meeting new people.
5Do you only open to the blogs of those who comment on your blog or do you love to go and discover more by yourself?
I read the blogs on my links and Dr John's daily and I go to those who are new names. I wish there were more time.
6 What does visitors counter mean to you?
I dont have one but I have looked at others. I find all the different places interesting.
7 Did you try to imagine your fellow bloggers and give them real pictures?
Yes but as in the other world I can't remember names and faces. I try to remember names and and their stories.
8 Admit. Do you think there is a real benefit for blogging.
Yes. If you can not get out it keeps you in contact with people. I feel it is good to share your pain and joy.
9 Do you think that bloggers society is isolated from the real world or interacts with events?
Someone will comment on the events of the day. I am sure that bloggers go away from the computer and will be in contact with others.
10Does criticism annoying you or do you feel it's a normal thing.
It is a normal thing.
12 Did you get shocked by the arrests of some bloggers?
I think I heard about it on TV but I don't have the full scope. I believe there are limits[or should be] set by the blogger themselves. Anything that would be harmful to others should not be done.
13Did you think about what will happen to youg blog after you die?
I didn't give it a thought until this question. I quess it will die with me.
14What do you like to hear? Whats the song you like to puts its link in your blog.
I have not done that. Dr John found one that fit his blog. Friday's Child had a very nice one.
I will not tag anyone but if you want to do so.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Five unusual things about me

I have been tagged by Lori.

1 I still like to pretend. Isn't that what fictional writers do.
2 I would much rather construct toy houses than do housework.
3 I always wear shoes because the minute I don't I hurt my feet in someway.
4 I am bother going up steep hills in a car. I have a strange fear feeling.
5 I do not like to throw anything away . I was trained very well by my school teachers[keep every scrap of paper] and my mother who still had a gift from her piano teacher we found as we cleaned out her home to sell it.