Monday, February 19, 2007

Finding the right church

What you see the first time may not be the truth. This is what I have found out in the last month in my search for a new church. On New Year's Eve we went to St Marks for Sunday service. The church was half full. There was one child for the children's sermon. The children's sermon was read loosing the very young child . They meandered through the liturgy. That is the only way I can think of to describe it. The people were friendly.
We went to other churches. We decided to go to one church for a month, starting with St Marks.
The church has been full. There is a large amount of children attending the services. Last Sunday the children were involved in their sermon. They have an adult bell choir but they also have a children's bell choir. The children and adults both have a choir. The people remained friendly and it feels like a family. I now like the way they do the liturgy it frees you from the book. The pastor is a pastor and pays attention to his congregation. This will be our church.
In looking for a church one needs to go to the service a number of times to find what the church is really like.

I have not been blogging for a number of reasons one being my computer was down for a time and I had to wait for my son to come and get it back on it's feet, or stand or just running. Then in preparation for new blogger I got my own place or something. You can tell I don't have a clue about computers. I just click my mouse on the little pictures I am told to. I started writing with pencil and paper and I was pushed into a manual typewriter. Reading what I wrote was a lot easier for others and also myself. It is bad when you can't read your own writing. I know there is so much I could do if I knew what I was doing. Everything seems so complicated.

Friday, February 02, 2007

The cold is here

Our temp. is in single numbers and wind chill below zero.
A magazine came it was addressed to the former owner or who ever was living here. It is a very nice magazine and there were recipies so my daughter and I have been trying them out. When I was up north I did very little cooking because Dr John likes meat and potatoes [not touching like Monk]. This has been fun. Dr John still gets his meat and potatoes because I do his meal also.
My oldest son came down and I went out with him to celebrate. We went to St George's. The building looks like a castle. My granddaughter said it 's our place, a fortress. Dr john has a cold and my daughter was still at work so only I went with them. The food was very good. We came back to our house for cake, which was also very good. Dr John and my daughter got to share in the cake. It is good to be so much closer.