Saturday, October 28, 2006


Dr John is going to bed.
Betty," Do you know it is only 7:20 PM?"
Dr J, " The clocks have been turned back. It is 8: 20PM."
Betty " That means you will be getting up at 4:00AM"
Dr J, "No I will be getting up at 5:ooAM."
Betty," No you will be getting up at 4:00AM"
DrJ, "No I will be getting up the same time as usual. Yesterdays time."
Betty" I am so confused."

Even more confusing will be that all of my clocks will not have been moved back. The clocks on my ovens
are very difficult to set and I have been know to have bleeding fingers from the process. They can

I had a very nice Sabbath day. We [the church] hosted The Cluster. The Cluster is a group of women groups of our denomination from around the area who meet together twice a year. We sang, had bible study, a workshop on wellness, and a affirmation of Baptism. We closed with a lunch of soup and sandwiches and a pumpkin dessert. Our group was down in numbers because some of the ladies who would usually be there were in Mississippi, to help in rebuilding. There were on display some of the projects that the women of the church[ some men also take part] are doing. There were quilts made for babies in the hospital. I think almost all the churches make quilts for Lutheran World Relief.

At four Dr John and I went to the evening service. Hope every one has a good weekend.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ice Cream Bar

Last night just before I awoke I had a dream. It was not scary or any thing like that, but it had a few things in it that I had questions about. I would like to turn it in to a story so I could have answers.
It began with me in front of a two story building. It looked like a house in need of a paint job, but on the front porch was a freezer. It was warm and I wanted a an ice cream bar. The top was not locked but was in layers which I started to open. I then thought I should check with someone inside. I knocked. No one came to the door. I looked in the window on the door and could see no one. The porch wrapped around the side. I walked around the side and noticed overalls hung on a nail on the siding.
I was joined by a young lady and we looked across the street and there were a line of police officers standing at attention. They were mixed racially but my companion mention they were all male. I protested because I saw a female officer. I then awoke. My questions that were leading me into a story were: The building was it a teen center or what? Why were the police standing at attention? I now want to get a plot etc and write.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Cold is Here

I have been waiting all week for some dryer and warmer weather to finish getting ready for winter. Our temps have been in the thirties. My hands get cold so soon. I still have three window frames and two garage doors to paint. We also have been having rain [cold rain] or snow. I took advantage of the sun and temps in the 40 to drain the pool and taking out the pump. I cover it. There was a layer of ice on the water, when I started.

I also took the time to unload the left overs of the rummage sale still on a table by the garage. We were going to put them on free cycle but didn't so I put them in garbage bags. There was a old blender of my mother -in-laws which was filled with water from the rain now ice from the cold. It was just too early for this cold.

Lois asked if I was going to have another rummage sale. Answer no ,too cold. I did have a sale at the other house before we moved inside. We had moved all the other stuff we wanted and we were not trying to sell the house, which we are trying to do with this one.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I belong to TOPS ( Take Off Pounds Sensibly ). I go every wednesday to the meeting. Has it been helpful ? Here is a before and after picture. Boy that dress really had to be taken in.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Crystal Falls Summer

When I was in grade school, I would spend a week of vacation at my grandfathers. He lived in a log cabin on Runkle Lake. I enjoyed this because it ment that I could go swimming and boating every day. The cabin was located near the Runkle Lake Park and I could walk over there and have playground equipment to play on and meet other children to play with.

One summer I had a neighborhood friend come and stay with me. We had a good time. Something happened that was not fun. We wanted to make a tree house We gathered materials from around the area. We put up the boards doing our best to nail them to the tree. We were finished. A time had come to test. My friend climbed up the tree and our great work came crashing down with my friend. She thankfully did not break anything, but she was scared and had some scatches. That ended our building but we continued with swimming and boating.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pigeon Falls Restored

The weather was a bit warmer[the temp was 25 F when we went to church], but warmed so I could work with a sweatshirt with hood, and gloves on Pigeon Falls. I walked around to start with picking up roof pieces. I could not find a roof for one building, so I put it away. I picked up one ferriswheel and rounded up the people on it. I leaned the front of the Ghost House on the other three walls. The snow and wind had their toll but there were many hoof prints also. My mum flowers were eaten I am afraid but the other flowers were frozen. If it is warm enough Pigeon Falls will go away this week. I will miss this town but hopefully an other will be built in Neenah.

My sister came and visited with us on Saturday. I feel she had a miracle. After seeing a number of doctors who told her in effect they could do nothing she found UCLA and they could treat her with out surgery. She looked very healthy, but we won't know for six months. Thank you very much for your prayers.

A little on the dancers on the other post. The dances are from Finland. The college in Hancock was founded by those of Finish heritage. The college was called Suomi. They sewed[the parents] the costumes and they are one piece even though they do not look like it.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Folk Dancing

When I was at the word and song festival there was a group of young folk dancers called the Kivajat Dancers. One of their dances pictured was a contest. The dancers danced around the crossed sticks until they touched them then they had to sit down. The last one standing was the winner. The music would increase in speed as they danced. The last two girls were sisters. They have other dances and I enjoyed them so much.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Autumn Pictures Will be Here Soon

We had a beautiful trip up to Houghton and had a very nice meeting and service. We took pictures along the way. I planned on stopping but couldn't decide where because every thing was so nice. I wonder if those taking a bus tour just sit and awe--- all the way. So there are pictures coming.

We got to see many old friends and heard about the mission work in Russia, helping to rebuild the churches. We did sing in Finnish and English at the same time. You sang in the language that you prefered.