Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bad Protects Good

I made a garden early in the spring in the spot that the garden pool stood. It had all to be red flowers. We had deer problems with it. I sprayed then put out a noise maker up side down aparently which hampered it working. A huge weed grew and the flower s did well, under it's leaves. The weed covered the garden so I took it out with much labor. To day the flowers are gone eaten by the deer. I think that somewhere in the bible God said that the weeds should stay until the end because in pulling out the weeds the crop will be harmed. I am not sure this applies but I thought of it.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Need Trains?

Yesterday Dr John and I went out to eat lunch as the people were looking at our house. The waitress gave us a big smile handed us the menu and said to John
"You have a lot of trains"
John said"Yes I do."
She said "You don't need that many trains. 40 or so."
She left. The comment stuck in my mind. No he didn't need those trains but yet yes he needed those trains. People who collect dolls, tea cups, shoes, cars etc don't need them either.
When he was in the hospital he was not responding to anyone. There was no conversation, just yes and no. He wasn't watching TV. He wasn't reading books. He was just there with no interest in anything. His sister[the one who doesn't like computers] and her husband came to visit . There wasn't much visiting until Paul asked about John's plan for Pigion Falls [not yet named]. Talking began John telling how Paul could help him in setting up the train layout. John began reading train magazines. For a life,John needed trains . We need other interests other than work, there is a need for play.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Good/Bad day

Yesterday was a very strange day with good and bad. A friend passed away and one got married. There was a large age difference. My friend who died was elderly. He was a gentle quiet man. The one who got married was an aquaintence who with his wife will probably become a pastor.

There were two other events that added to the day. I talked to my daughter who went to a wedding of the daughter of the woman who hired her at this job. My daughter liked the service which was different than other weddings she had attended. Bride and groom were becoming pastors like the couple above. The father of the bride is a pastor. Instead of solos the congregation sang hymns. The the light for the two candles becoming one started with every one lighting a candle starting at the back of the church, and at the end the parents lighting the two candles and the bride and groom lighting the one candle.

Just before I called my daugher I listened to a sermon from a Catholic priest on TV. I don't know who he was. Something caught me as I was switching channels. It was on how a good God could allow evil.

Well that was my day except for grocery shopping and packing a few more boxes.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


We love gadgets. I first came to know of them when I would go with my parents to the State Fair. There were booths selling different gadgets. My mother would always fine at least one gadget to come home with. Now these gadgets are sold on TV.

I watch as they demonstrate the use. There are testimonies of how great they are. I need one of those. They will solve all my problems. I order the gadget and it arrives and I use it and it doesn't work or it is no way as good as the ad. I have sewing machines, scissors, saws, gardening tools. choppers. You know the trunk loads I have been taking to the dump. We did put some of the items out for sale at the rummage sale telling the buyers that we couldn't get it to work. I must be one of the suckers born every minute or very inept.

The latest was an ad for a wire looking device that you push in the wall to hang pictures etc. I have bought many items for hanging which have failed.

We broke out laughing. No way would we beable to use it to hang anything on the walls here. They are not wallboard. These are solid. We were not suckers this time. But maybe they could work.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Does anyone cook or bake?

I am going to go through my pots and pans to pack leaving just those I need. A cake pan, a sauce pan and a cookie pan. I put out some bread pans at the rummage sale and there were many comments I don't bake. even when I had a special cake pan of Winnie the Poo. I also don't use the bread pans because I have a bread maker. I am not packing that yet. Dr John commented we wouldn't have to buy a stove right off because we can use the Microwave. Most of my baking was for the church and for my open house. I do hope we get moved before Thanksgiving .

Update on my sister. She said she is doing fine but tired at times. She said she is now going home sooner than expected.

Lois on the web has a new post. That is Upper Peninsula and beyond. link on side.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What's wrong with me?

Do I need help or what? I am dead tired, falling asleep on my feet. I look at Quildancer's contest Lori is tied with Donna. Donna where did she come from.? I vote for Lori some one votes for Donna etc. Two and a half hours later I quit after Lori is ahead by 200 votes. Morning comes and Lori is behind and I am voting again. I think Lori is ahead again. All I want to know is why.

Pennie has blogged again. It is been quite awhile so she would like me to remind people of her blog.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Rummage Sale

The weather was perfect for both days. Friday we had many people. It was nice because we paid $3.00 and they put our name on a map . People came from all over. Everyone seemed to like the railroad and Dr John would say you can have the railroad for 100.000+ and we will throw in the house. All of our bigger items went except a uncomfortable computer chair and a youth bed which I couldn't bring up from the basement. It was not heavy but awkward. Some people came back with their children to see the train.

I filled the car again with things for the dump. Not from the sale yet, but junk from the basement. Monday is garbage day and I have bags in the garage for them to pick up. I have to get to bed so I can get up early and get those bags out.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Hand Improves.

Pennie was not going to the doctor put to Physical Therapy on Wednesday. They had the hand almost a fist and she is very happy about that. The fall did not set her back as we feared.

I plan on getting up very early, so that I can get items on the tables before people get there. Hope it doesn't rain.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pennie update

They [the docs] don't think she has broken any thing. They put her hand in a cast/splint just incase she has a bone in the thumb that is in question . The cast or splint is removable. Her hand doc e-mailed her that he saw that she had to go to the emergence room and to contact him if he could do anything. She will see him on Wednesday. The permission to drive came yesterday to the office.

The big rummage sale is Friday and Saturday. Have much to do.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I want to fix Just One More Thing

I can't believe she did it again. The people helping to sell the Pennie's [my daughter] house suggested she repaint her walls that were red . She explained that her right arm doesn't work and that it would be difficult. Wanting to sell the house she decided to repaint. She had that done just before people came to look at her house, on Saturday. Sunday was the open house and she had some red paint on the ceiling ,marks from when she painted the red. She got some paint and began to paint on Sunday morning . The paint was very thin and she had every thing covered but they didn't stay covered and so paint was getting on the furniture and the rug. She was backing up and tripped and fell into the windowsill and then fell to the ground reinjuring her right hand. With her hand in pain she cleaned up the best she could, When the people came she went to Shopko and got something cold to put on her hand and fell asleep in her car. She awoke and went back to her home. The pain increased. When she called me with the news, I told her to call a friend and get to the hospital to have someone look at her hand. I am waiting now to hear from her. To find out about the condition she has you can go to her blog, the link is on the left . She blogged about it starting on May 1 . It is call RSD Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Another Van Load Leaves

My son came up with my granddaughter and they loaded the van again with what we want to keep.

An up date on Pennie. Work wants her to have a permit from the doctor that she can drive. Her arm still is not working. We could understand why she could not transport the children but it has been five months . Last week her team partner left she was on internship. In three weeks she will have a new partner so she asked if she could transport the kids. They answered no and she could not drive during work hours until she had a permit. She called the doctor and he dictated a letter but it has not been sent yet to her work place. She told them at work that she could not go out to visit the homes until she had the permit because they would not cover her if she had an accident. They[management] suggested taking a cab. They would only pay milage not cab fare. She is checking on cab fare costs. Hopefully the permit will soon be there.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

To the Dump

It is raining, not a hard rain but a gentle warm rain which was very much needed. This is the day of The TOPS picnic on our aniversary so I hope the rain will stop in the afternoon. I went to the dump unloading the stuff I put in the car yesterday. There was nothing that would rot, just junk. the dump has beens to throw stuff into problem I am short hard to reach and harder with heavy bags. There was one bag I just couldn't get in and it started to open on the bottom[puncture proof bags may not be so] .so I used the little table with wheels which I was thowing away. I put the bag on it and wheeled it into the building with a pit and in went the bag and I wheeled the table back and threw it into the dumpster. My day has begun.