Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New House

Our renter moved out on Saturday that is a week earlier than we planned. I had a chance then to go and see the house. He left it very clean ,uses a cleaning service. There was a shed in the back yard which I couldn't get open and he had never opened, so more surprises wait. My daughter's house has a cupboard above the desk which is not in this house. I measured the spaces for the frig, stove and washer and dryer. I also measured the windows for curtains.

My daughter found her car had a flat on Saturday . When my son came to pick up my grandchildren he helped her put on the spare. She had trouble getting the jack out because of her hand. She has not been using the car for work. Today she took it into the garage. About her hand it is better than the really bad time but if she hurts like falling and hitting it the RSD returns.

My sister called and told me about her six month checkup. The tumor is not growing and that is good news. Thank you for the prayers.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


We have a new member of our family,Maggie. Maggie is a cute Springer Spaniel only 8 weeks old. She is brown and white. She is my daughter's but I dog sit,so I have been very busy. We went up to Green Bay to get my grandchildren to spend a few days with us and brought Maggie along with us to meet Spanky. Maggie does not like riding yet. She is a smart dog but sometimes naughty. She watch closely as we threw things in the garbage can that opens by pushing on a gray piece on top. She jumped up and pushed on the gray piece .She has been nipping, and while outside learning to "come" she ignored my daughter . until she hid behind a tree and said "come".

Friday, March 16, 2007

Here Again

They would not let me blog until I changed so I haven't blogged but today for some reason I could get here.

What has gone by. I went out to a church womens group which met at Applebees. They had not mentioned they were a church group to the hostess and so I sat for a while. Being new to the church I didn't recognize the women so I asked the hostess to ask a group of women at a large table, and it was them. I was the oldest one of the group, they were around my daughters age. They are not a bible study group. They chose a name Friendship Links. I had a good time maybe if my daughter gets off work in time she can come next time. I am still looking for a bible study group.

We got a license for the car , and a drivers license for me. My Michigan license expired at the end of this month. I didn't have a written test or a road test and was thankful. The written test is not a paper test but at a computer. Now I will tell the embarrassing event. When It came to have my picture taken the lady said stand behind the line, so I did, facing the curtain back to the camera, which I hadn't seen . I was wondering where the camera was the lady said turn around and there it was. Next she said "I will take it on the count of three. 1 2 flash. I let it go, the pictures are never good. I am a legal driver.

After the getting the license we went into the Kohls mall next to the Kohls store where there was a model train store. The women working there was from Neenah and she and her husband were a part of a club.

I am a little afraid to leave now for fear I can't get back.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

I am back!

I could not get to place to write my blog. That is now fixed I think.

In the last few days we have been snowed in, although my daughter went to work and was on call. Our dryer was not drying the clothes. There was heat but the clothes would not dry the first go around. We cleaned out the lint for every load. We checked the out door vent and it had frozen lent on it. My daughter worked on cleaning that out and she bought a kit with special brushes. She took off the back of the dryer and cleaned that out. Then she went to the wall and unfastened the hose and used the vacuum cleaner with the hose that came with the kit. That did it and it is now working.

We played cards when my daughter was home earlier. We worked on getting my daughter's room for stamping in the basement ready. She has lots of stamps and materials and paper, so we put together some storage containers. She wants to hold a Stamping party this month. Today in payment for my daughter taking on call for a co-worker, the co-workers husband came and put together the desk we gave my daughter for Christmas.

During the storm my daughter had to snow blow twice in the evening. The next day while she was at work I thought I would go out and shovel. The pile the plow had left was hard to remove. The man who has a business across the road, and clears his driveway and parking lot with a small tractor with a plow offered and did clear my driveway. Good neighbors are a blessing.