Friday, January 26, 2007

What a Sunday

I am still recovering from last Sunday. My son in Green Bay had mattresses for my daughter to use for her new frame. The problem was how to get them because they would not fit in the vans. So my daughter went to U-Haul on the internet. She was going to be on call for the next three weekends so she wanted to get them last weekend. Saturday had no trucks available so she booked Sunday. We were to get snow in the evening no problem. The snow came early and we watched the big flakes fall through the stain glass windows as we sat in church. After church, my daughter and I picked up the truck and the snow continued. So with a truck she had never driven in a snow storm we headed for Green Bay. That was very scary. While we recouped my son and daughter-in -law put the mattresses in the truck. We headed back to Neenah. The driving was a little better, the roads were plowed and salted.

Our next problem was getting the mattresses in the house. We could not lift them. We slid them down the loading ramp. The box spring we sort of dragged lifted in. To move the other one we decided to lay some plastic down , the kind painters use to protect from paint splatters, and slide the mattress on it. My daughter put down the plastic reaching to the garage. I saw a piece sticking up and went over to pull it flat stepping on the plastic I did not see. Down I went. Nothing broke but I got a very sore bum which I still have. We did get the mattresses in. Next we returned the truck, but it had gotten dark. My daughter could not get the lights on. The cab lights were found but not what we needed. We returned the truck in the snow storm on slushy roads with out lights. We made it without an accident. We returned home to put up the frame and put the mattresses on it. I got a cold. So when I cough my bum hurts. I know all this is just life but it was a busy Sunday.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Winter has come

We finally got snow. As far as I am concerned it could stay away, but for all that want to play in it, it was welcomed. I shoveled for many hours and came in very cold and sore. The snow blower had a flat and I didn't want the renter to get upset. I gave up when I looked behind me and the driveway was snow covered again. I thought I would go in the afternoon because it was to stop snowing, it didn't, and I was too sore.

I have found it is hard to find a time to blog. My daughter and I have been taking down the Christmas decorations. There are still some outside to come down. Up north I had to let them stay because they were covered with snow. Mary and Joseph had just their heads showing. The basement tree is still up also.

My daughter and I have been working in the basement setting up a place for her stamping. She is a Stamp-it-Up sales person. We are trying to set up the workshop for her and Dr John to share.

We went out and bought a saw that we had to put together. We did OK, but lost one hex screw. We have turned the saw all over trying to get that screw to fall out. We went back to the store and got a screw but we would like to find the lost one so it doesn't end up where it shouldn't.

Another thing that I have been doing is reading Eragon. We went with the grandkids to the movie and my oldest grandson said that the book was different. We then purchased the book. Dr John finished it first and I finished it last night. My daughter wants to read it also so we can't talk about it until she reads it. That may be awhile.

Last Saturday we went to my son's in Green Bay while my daughter went and visited with her roommate from old college days. We had a very nice day. The grandkids spent a lot of time with their grandpa. Most of the time just sitting at the table talking. When my daughter came to pick us up before we left, she and I went to the basement rec. room and played with the grandkids. The kids had set up a restaurant. Spanky just loved all the attention he got.{Spanky is the dog}.

This pretty well sums up what I have been up to. We have spent some time trying to find a dresser for my daughter that doesn't cost too much and you can put more in it than T- shirts.

Oh I forgot about the search for a church. We have have gone to five different churches. They all have been nice and we could go to any of them. One is very large and one is small. Maybe we will for awhile go back around. The most distance we have to travel is 8min. It is hard to believe that there are five churches in this small area. There are more churches but not of our denomination. Behind us is a Calvery Bible Church, which is large and has a school with it I think. There is a soccer field next to it and my grandsons and their dad went over and played on the field when they were here. The last church we went to also has a Tops group meeting there. They meet at 6:00 PM and I don't want to drive at night ,so I think I will wait until spring and hope I don't gain too much.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

A New Year

Thankyou for all the good wishes. I did stay up until the new year. My daughter, son and grand children played a board game/TV game called Scene it. It was fun. We also had fun baking. We made saffron buns and the children shaped the rolls. They did make some unusual shapes. My oldest grandchild made Hostess cupcakes. Every bowl was used, but they were good.

Went out shopping today at Hobby Lobby. What a fun store. We got Christmas decorations at 66% off. I bought a small tree with lights on for next year. We picked up some small dollhouse chairs for my daughter and as we left we ran into her at the door. She came in for them. That store just had everything. There was scenery for the train, and material for making dollhouses. My granddaughter and I had begun one at the old house, and now I know where supplies are when we get ready to finish it here.
Hope every one had a good start to the New Year.