Monday, June 26, 2006

Find The Right House

We are house hunting again. This is such a hard task and when you are comfortable where you are, it is harder. My son and family and my daughter are out looking. Last time we didn't find anything that we liked in our price range. I came home very happy with the house I am living in.
Now we are further along having put our house up for sale. I keep getting ovewhelmed looking at all that I have to do. The best course is small steps. This is the first time we have to sell a house. We have been living in homes supplied by the church.

I believe that buying the house we are now living in was God's guidance. When my daughter was born it was in the hospital across the street from this house. 36 years ago I looked out my hospital window and I fell in love with it. Had no idea what it looked like inside and I thought to my self I wonder if when we can buy a house will this one be available. Two years before Dr John was to retire the house went up for sale. We bought the house but continued to live in the parsonage. The plan was to gradually bring our stuff over and repaint etc. Other things happened, Dr John ended up in the hospital. He was there for 6 months and would have to leave the hospital on a ventiltor He had trouble walking ,going up stairs was very difficult. The church placed a temp. pastor as they searched for a new permanent one. Dr John had to go on disability and there was no way he could go back to living in the parsonage. The steps from the garage up into the house were 13. So although if we had known that the church was going to sell the parsonage and would have liked to buy it we couldn't live in it. The house we are in has only two steps and people from our church put in railings. They also tore up the carpeting so that Dr John could walk with a walker. On taking up the carpet they found hard wood floors. Does God not provide.
With all this knowledge of how God looks out for us I have become anxious.

We want to move because we want to be closer to the family. I do not like to drive and it is unfair to make them do all the driving. As we get older there are more chances that we may land in the hospital. When Dr John was in the hospital for the big event the kids took time off from their work. This was hard on them and their place of employment.

Reasons for not moving. We own our home and in buying a new home we will be back to those monthly payments which you worry about each month.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Why did They Have to Close

In cars the town was dying because of the new super highway. My favorite restaurant on the way to Green Bay had to close after they put in the new highway. We have been stopping there since my children were kids. They at one time were open 24 hours. A new fast food place was built near the exit. The fast food place has no personality The Highway Cafe did. It reflected the small Abrams community.

Another restaurant that had to close that I liked was in Crystal Falls. It closed not to a new highway but I believe because of relationships. It had new owners and the food was excellant. There was a lack of experience that hurt. If you have experience in running a restaurant there is one for sale here. I just feel bad when they have to close. This came to me as I passed the closed restaurant and I had a pang of hunger and I thought of their steak sandwich.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

In Search of a Hat

I need a new hat. I do not need a hat for formal occasions, like church or a wedding. I have given up on finding one of those. I need a hat for gardening.
I bought a hat about five years ago. It is a cute hat light blue with cherries on it. I have a problem with hats because I have a small head. I bought this hat in a toddlers shop when my daughter-in law was looking for something for her youngest.

The problem with this hat is that it is lined and in the heat I am soon sweating and it comes down my face into my eyes. I have sunblock on and that is in my eyes. I give up on the hat but that is not good. I need to find a cool hat[temperature not style]. that will fit my head.

I have to admit that I am a blog idiot. I have no idea how to do a silent picture. I had one picked out and can't get to appear. Dr John although patient may not be for long. He says it is because I fear the computer.

I will list what I am thankful for:
Dr John's is able to work at his trains.
My granddaughter is comming for a week and that my grandsons came last week.
That my friend is out of the coma and they found out what was wrong and they are treating it.
That another friend is home from the hospital.
For Gods continual love and the blessings He gives. He really has blessed me and wrapped me in His love though all the tough times. I am so thankful to be able to talk to Him when I am so afraid of what is happening.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Fathers Day

The man I called father was not my biological father but he raised me. He was an intelligent man, with a gift of humor. He was also gifted musically.

His job was that of a postman. Before he went off to war he was called the whistling mailman but the whistle was gone for awhile after the war.

I remember the vacations we would take each year. We would take a month and traveling by car and sleeping in a tent we would see the USA.

I remember making kites and going to the park to fly them.

I also remember the long days for him at Christmas.
I loved my father and the things I loved about my father is also what I love about Dr John

Happy Fathers Day to my sons who are also great fathers.

I also want to comment about another father that I learned about from my friend in the hospital. When she came out of her coma she saw by her bed her x-husband who she hasn't been with for 28 years. The children who couldn't be there with their mother called their father and he drove 6 hours and picked up his former mother-in-law,bring her to the hospital because his children requested it. Happy Fathers Day "B"

Saturday, June 17, 2006

All Is Quiet

The boys left this morning to go back to their home.
The house is so quiet, no laughing or giggling. No calling for grandma or grandpa. We miss them already.

Yesterday we went back to Fortune Lake. Alex couldn't find his running shoes which he miss placed on Monday. He was sure he didn't leave them at the park. I searched and searched and in unusual places thinking that his brothers as a prank had hid them. So yesterday I took only Alex and went to the park and asked the ranger and sure enough thats were they were. We also discovered it was very warm. So in the afternoon I took the other boys also and they went swimming. There was more swimming because of the heat. After swimming we came back to the house and picked Dr John and went to Shellies the ice cream place. Waiting for his father to come Alex made cookies and brownies. I needed the cookies for the bible camp for women and kids week. Crystal Falls ladies of our church make cookies for treats. I gave some of the cookies to the boys to take home. In the picture the boys are painting a base for the rollercoaster for the train layout. The rollercoaster is out now on the layout. The rollercoaster was put together by Alex with help of his brothers.

When I was talking to my sister I mentioned that even though I had the air c onditioner on it seem very warm. The temperature was 80. My brother-in-law said to check the circuit breaker and I did it was off I put it on and now my home is cooler.

My sister still needs your prayers. She is feeling fine but is going out to California for more consulations for less invasive methods for the brain tumor.

I would also like prayers for a friend whom they are not sure of what she has. She went into a coma and her leg and arm are very swollen have sores and are very painful.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fortune Lake

On Monday my grandsons went toBewabic State Park. It is on Fortune lake just out side Crystal Falls. The day was cool unless the clouds parted. So they did not do much swimming but did what they love to do catch frogs . When we first arrived we were the only ones on the beach except for the geese. I tried to take a picture but I didn't want to get too close. They moved into where the boys were trying to catch the frogs in the marsh surprising Caleb and he screamed and they took flight over us. My camera wasn't ready and they were in the middle of the lake by the time I was set. We also saw a beaver swimming.

People have asked about my travel to 48 states. My family took a months vacation traveling by car staying in campgrounds. We would go in a circle not coming back the same way we strarted.The two states I haven't been in are Alaska and Hawaii.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

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Escanaba, Mi
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48 states
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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Catching Up

There have been some question raised in the comments on my blogs. So I will try to answer them.

On the slide show just below this blog are my oldest son's family. On the slide show below that are my youngest son's family. Pennie is in both slide shows.

I found the hanging strawberries at Wal Mart while buying my flowers for the garden and I thought I would give them a try. I have been using Butterflies suggestion that they should be watered twice a day. I was afraid they would suffer because I was gone over the weekend. God watered them tonight.

There were suggestions that I write my stories on the blog. I don't know if I am comfortable to do that at this time. The stories are more for teenagers than small children. It is funny because I do not like even using a typewriter to write them. I will give this some thought.

Pennie's hand is still giving trouble. On Saturday morning the swelling had gone done some and she could straighten her hand up and wiggle her fingers except the little one. The little one is not moving. In the afternoon we went swimming at the motel pool. She swam and went into the hot tub. The swelling was back . The nerves were upset with something she did or the treatment wore off. On Thursday she will go talk with the doc and see if they do the next series of treatments.

We have not begun working on the water falls of Pigeon Falls. We did look at Steins . We looked at rubber lining. It was $200.00 for a ready made water fall. We probably should have spent the money in the first place in stead of going cheap. We know the problem the little tub which was second in the series has tipped back from the snow and the water is going out the back. We can't move the tub because we cemented it in with rock. We are thinking of capping the back. I planted water lilies for the first time and they are growing in the pond.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ist Communion

We had a nice weekend at our sons. It was my granddaughter's Ist Communion. On Saturday afternoon the family went to our motel and swam in the pool. After the pool Our son and Dr John went shopping and Pennie and my granddaughter and I went shopping /we went in separate cars. The males arrived back at my sons way before the females. Lori and Pete prepared the food.