Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mother's Day is Over

For Mother's Day we {Dr. John and I} went out to eat. Some advice: go when they begin serving. I made the mistake of thinking I would avoid long lines. I avoided long lines but got cold food, good but cold when it should be hot. Very good service eight servers to just us. There were also no food left as far as the special breads they were known for. It was nice to get out anyway.

Monday I tackled the vacuum cleaner. It needed to have it's belt replaced. I began to do this some months ago. The problem I had was the right size belt. I got the right numbers and a nice lady tried to help me at Walmart , but none of their belts had the right number so we took the closest. It did not look anything like it and no way to put it in. So back to store with old belt in hand and numbers. We found a belt and I bought two. Yesterday I tried to put it in. Directions sound not to difficult, put the left end of roller in first and stretch the belt and put in right end. It was the stretch part I had difficulty with. I was determined and after an hour I managed the feat ,very proud that I got it done. It worked.

In the afternoon, I built the fire station, which arrived in the morning.

To day we are going to have partly cloudy skies and we should be able to paint the building foundations. Tomorrow back comes the rain but in our area we have not had the flooding yet.


Blogger Chana said...

Our estimated high of today is 30 celcius..our homes come standard with furnances but i wish so they would with air conditioning. I'm cooking, i can smell ham ;), lol....I can't handle this hot and it's just early morning...i would love to take some of your rain but put to a vote i be outvoted. Most of the city is thriving in this weather...I still think we ought to share some sunny skies and warmer temperatures with you guys...I'm so happy that there is no flooding around you...i saw the news and some of those pictures are dreadful..poor people...

I'm so happy you got away to have a nice meal. We often do that too, try to miss the crowds but if it's a buffet is usually not the best decision for the same reasons you said-No food left...Still, it's nice to know that you and Dr. John went out on a date...

you did a good job to get that vacuum working..i don't think i am that talented...

hope you have yourself a great day..

7:55 AM  
Blogger Mimi said...

I would have just bought a new vacuum. That is probbaly how they make their money though.lol.

I am sorry your food was cold, but it is nice to get out. I was thinking the place we went to was gonna be packed but it wasn't. It was a local place not a big chain so I guess thats why.

Rain here again. And its still hard rain. I figure I will soon float away from here back to Maryland and then I will be happy.

10:08 AM  
Blogger Catch said...

I just changed our sweeper belt about a month ago. Its not an easy task! Kudos to you Betty!

We are having rain too.....have had it for days :((..and its a wee bit cool out there.

Glad to hear you and Dr J got out for lunch.

2:01 PM  
Blogger Pennie said...

I name you ruler of the vacuum. Your mother day isn't over keep watching there are more cards.

4:26 AM  
Blogger kristi said...

Ahhh the infamous vaccum battle. I too have changed the belt on one of those boogers and it is not easy. You think they would make it a little easier. I used to hate changing the bag too but now I have a bagless, and its great. Glad to hear you had a good mothers day, you deserve it. Even if the food was cold at least it was quiet!!

5:33 AM  
Blogger Gary said...

Congratulations on the belt. I always have trouble getting the right one, then it is so hard to put on that I start wondering if it might have been mislabeled.

7:40 AM  
Blogger Lori's Minute said...

Good for you fixing the vacuum cleaner! I would have just bought a new vacuum. (You heard about the one I had that only worked when I pulled it backwards).

8:35 AM  

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