Thursday, May 25, 2006

Fighting the pool

Most of my day I fought with our 4'x 6' pool. Why you ask.

Here's the problem. Way back when we began plans for this garden railroad we bought it with thoughts that it would would be our lake. We have a smaller pool in the middle of the layout where we have a mountain with tunnels and a waterfall over it into the pool . It was a lot of work and still is not complete. The hole and larger pool were in place but we were far from ready to work over there. So it just sat there collecting rain water and debree and looking ugly. Last fall we pulled out the pool and placed it over the little pool protecting the little pool for the winter.

Afew days ago we pulled off the large pool and sat in the ground. We change a mind for a lake . Now we looked at the hole where the pool was.

I had ordered flowers to put in that side of the garden which was bare now with with a large hole in it. We had notice that the flowers had been shipped. Where were these flowers going to go. I could put dirt in the hole,or I could fill the hole and dig another one another place, or I
could put back the pool and fill it with dirt and plant the flowers there.

after going over in my mind for sometime. I decided to put back the pool. I dragged it over and up over the rail and into the hole. It did not go in nicely. It sat on top. So I pulled it out and got a shovel and dug some more. Pulled back into the hole and it went down a little but still was sticking up. I pulled it out again and dug some more and put it back better but still not right. Lunch time. When I looked out the window and saw that I still had a foot more to dig. I decided to pull out the pool . I went and got that cloth that keeps out weeds and I layed that down. I am going to fill the hole with dirt and plant my flowers there. No Pool.

Now we have the problem of where to store this pool. Don't know.

People have been asking about our colds. Mine has gone. Dr John is having some coughing.

My daughter after finding a doctor that knew what she had and how to treat it , went in for an injection of something that would block the pain to the hand and arm. I am a layman and I donot know the medical name, but the nerves will relax and begin to think all is OK now. I made that very simple and it isn't but that the best I can do. There can be one to six injections. She can move her fingers after the injection and got a muffin and pealed off the wrapper. She will probably blog about it later.


Blogger Chana said...

I'm so glad to hear that your cold is gone. Sorry that Dr. John is still coughing. I hope his chest clears up soon before anything else comes of it and so that he may finally rest. Coughing so much is the worst for me, it exhausts me.
So good to hear of Pennie's new doctor. The fact that he can treat her with knowledge is a wonderful gift. That poor child has suffered in pain enough.
It sounds like you had quite the day with a pool. I hope it doesn't sound awful but it would make a great skit...I have all the faith that at the end it will all look wonderful and work out. Good luck.

Take care and thank you for always leaving such sweet comments. I love hearing from you and always look forward to reading your post.

12:17 AM  
Blogger Betty said...

Chana I thought the fight with the pool would make a good skit.

8:49 AM  
Blogger Catch said...

I was thinking the same thing Chana you moving that pool back and forth. Im sure whatever you decide to do with it , it will look beautiful. I would love to see your trains.

9:45 AM  
Blogger Gary said...

Sorry you don't have a place for the pool, but I must say that the flowers sound great.

1:10 PM  

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