Monday, May 29, 2006

The Falls in Trouble?

After we put out the restaurant and the people, and the boats around the "lake" [ a small plastic garden pool]. I planted in the lake flowers. This I have never done. I used plastic one that floated before. I then planted the rest of the flowers in the red garden. This was the former pool hole which took 30 bags 0f costly soil. " Dirt poor" The day was very hot and the plants needed water. I looked at the lake which was down about two inches and filled it and started the waterfall. I went to water the rest of the plants and when I came back the lake was dry. The engineers now have a problem, where did the water go.? Will we have to take everything down and start over.? When we go to Green Bay this weekend maybe we will find another way to make a waterfall.


Blogger Chana said...

Oh you have so worked hard. I sure hope that you don't have to take it all down and re-start. It does sound beautiful, the set-up..can't wait for pictures...

I wanted to tell you that i'm very scared of heights myself...Going through some mountain passes, you will hear me either whimpering or begging for more slower pace...Way, way under the speed limit...But this last trip i was more relaxed...thank goodness...And i also have a question for you...You said you live there because of all the nature around...what is it like please? I never have been their falls and lakes or mountains or ????

Have a wonderful day...Hope your sister is doing well.

8:05 AM  
Blogger Mimi said...

You sure are working hard!

9:27 AM  
Blogger Lori's Minute said...

I think the white rabbit took the water.

10:30 AM  
Blogger Catch said...

Im sorry Betty...dont ya just hate it when things dont work like they are supposed to? I hope you find the problem and then take a pic for us all to see how pretty it looks. God bless you just hang in there!

11:46 AM  
Blogger Johnny Jazz said...

Betty, sounds like you're having 'fun'.

Thanks for the kind comment on my blog.

1:03 PM  
Blogger Betty said...

We Have small mountains with waterfalls Alot of lakes and trees. We have close by like sometimes in our yards deer, bear and wolfs. There are moose but I have not seen one in my yard yet. On the link Upper Pennisula and
beyond Lois has pictures from here and her back yard. In my former house about 6 blocks away we were on the top of the hill and out my window I had a beautiful scene. Now I am in the middle and have to have a pretty scene from my car driving in.

4:20 PM  
Blogger Gary said...

Don't blame me for that water disappearing. I swear I didn't take it. :)

6:14 AM  
Blogger Honey said...

It sounds beautiful!
Love the "dirt poor" saying!! LOL!!

3:56 PM  

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