Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Nice day

After a gloomy beginning the sun came out and it felt like spring. I roamed around the yard planning for things that had to be done. It will be a race with my hostas, who yesterday were not seen yet,today they were up a good inch. I want to remove those close to the house where they should not be. I would like to find some on to paint around my windows. That job would be easier if the hostas were still small. The man who does my yard work did a great job in the fall so he won't have too big a job now.
I have succeeded on my first mine to where I have the base done. Now I am having trouble with the crane which should work if I do it correct. The book says no glue should be in the wrong place for it to work. Ya fat chance that I will be able to do that,but I will give it a try.
Tomorrow a new Subway will open here. It will be in the mall where we have our only restaurant. They are giving away sandwiches tomorrow. I will be standing in line. I sure hope they do well.
Well I should go make my call. Do well all


Blogger Catch said...

Dont you just love being outside in your yard? I love watching things grow ( unless its weeds) This is the first summer I havent been working for years. I want to get a decent sized pool , never did it before b/c I was never here that much,but this year it should be fun for me and the kids. You know...just a nice sized one to float around on and get wet.

3:20 PM  
Blogger Peter said...

We love subway. I hope it does well also. Lori and I ate at subway tonight.

9:30 PM  
Blogger Lori's Minute said...

Pete talks as if we did not feed the kids saying we went to Subway, so what about the kids? They ate at another place in the mall food court so you do not have to worry we did not feed them. I am glad you got out in your garden.....Lori

11:54 AM  

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